About Us

What is The McAlister Collection?

The McAlister Collection of Wood Carvings and Paintings is produced by Barbara and Dennis McAlister in picturesque Canaan, New Hampshire. the shop is not far from Cardigan Mt on land bordered by the Indian River. This landscape is depicted in many of Barbara’s Paintings.

We began making Wood Carvings for craft fairs and “The Hanover League of New Hampshire Craftsmen” store when our children were small in the ‘70s. When our kids were older, our daughter, Elizabeth, helped us for 20 years to supply the “Shelburne Museum” gift shop with many carvings. As a result, our Wood Carvings are in collections around the world.

In recent years we have been much more relaxed about production. Currently our carvings and paintings are available in New Hampshire at The McAlister Collection Gift Shop in Canaan, Artistic Roots Co-op Gallery in Plymouth, and The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Gallery in Hanover.


About The Artist

Barbara McAlister


Barbara lives and works on a back road in rural Canaan NH, not far from Mt. Cardigan. She was raised in a lively family of six boys and two girls, by parents who encouraged creativity and industry. Woodcarving started as a hobby for Barbara which she originally learned from her maternal grandfather, E.W. Edmands Jr. . With painting, Barbara is largely self-taught while also finding herself inspired and encouraged by classes taught by Joan Wirth. Along the way Barbara also worked with various other crafts and mediums like puzzles and ceramics. Beyond her artwork Barbara enjoys various other hobbies and activities with her husband Dennis and surrounding family. Some of these include Gardening, Fishing, Bird Watching, as well as Raising and Caring for a small farm of Chickens, Ducks, and Rabbits. These activities have provided her and her family with many hours of enjoyment as well as inspiring most, if not all, of her work.

You can find Barbara’s Artwork in the following Galleries and Stores

Artistic Roots Co-Op Gallery in Plymouth, NH - The League of N.H. Craftsmen Gallery in Hanover, NH - Our Gift Shop in Canaan, NH

Barbara is a Member of the Above As well as

The Cardigan Mountain Art Association